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General Services

Additional services include; monitoring of blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight, blood glucose, and acute and chronic medical conditions.

Overall health status

Monitoring vital signs

Patients with acute and chronic medical conditions require continuous monitoring of their health to ensure proper management of their conditions. Our healthcare team offers various monitoring services to assist you in tracking your health status. These monitoring services include blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight, and blood glucose.


Tracking these vital signs can provide insight into your overall health status. For example, consistently high blood pressure readings can indicate a potential risk for heart disease or stroke, while fluctuations in blood glucose levels can indicate uncontrolled diabetes. By monitoring these signs, our healthcare team can identify potential health concerns and work with you to create a care plan that addresses their unique needs.

Medical devices and medication adherence

Continued Training Services

In addition to monitoring services, we also offer continued training on the use of medical devices and medication adherence. These services aim to support your independence and medication self-management.


Managing a chronic condition can be challenging, but with continued training, patients can gain the knowledge and skills needed to manage their conditions effectively. Our healthcare team can provide training on the proper use of medical devices such as inhalers, insulin pens, and glucometers. We can also provide continuous training on the use of medical devices and medication adherence with the goal of supporting patient independence and medication self-management.


The Benefits of Additional Services

The additional healthcare services we offer can greatly benefit patients with acute and chronic medical conditions. By monitoring vital signs and providing continued training, we can help you manage your conditions more effectively. This can result in improved health outcomes and a better quality of life.


Monitoring services can detect potential health concerns early on, allowing our healthcare team to intervene before complications arise. Continued training services can empower you to take an active role in their healthcare, leading to increased confidence and improved self-management skills.

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