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Additional services that include the monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight, and blood glucose levels.

If it’s inconvenient for you making frequent visits to the lab for your blood work while taking Clozaril, we can help make it easier for you

Our skilled healthcare team promotes medication adherence and minimizes medication errors.

Our team is well-trained in handling various types of injections and can ensure that the process is smooth and with utmost care.

Genetic Testing

Our genetic testing services can help you make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

Pain & Mental Health

  • 140 medications covered
  • Specialized to help you treat your pain and mental health

PrecisionRx ULTRA

  • 220 medications covered
  • Get BOTH Inagene Tests in one easy to use kit


  • 150 medications covered
  • Gain insights into a wide variety of medications

Smart Pill Dispenser

Make medication compliance simple with a pre-packed automatic pill dispenser

  • Manage Multiple Medication
  • Pre-Package Medication
  • Face recognition or pin

Sentinare Fall Detection Camera

Sentinare is a useful tool for senior care and remote patient monitoring as it detects and analyzes human activities to show health trends and send alerts for emergencies.

  • Stick-figure privacy monitoring
  • Activity recognition
  • Fall detection & prevention

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