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Smart Pill Dispenser

Make medication compliance simple with a
pre-packed automatic pill dispenser

Smart Pill Dispenser
manage multiple medications


Manage multiple medications

If you or a loved one struggles with taking their daily medications at the right time or dosage, our Smart Dispenser can help. This easy-to-use product provides peace of mind for both family members and caregivers who are overwhelmed with managing multiple medications.


Automatic delivery coordination

The Smart Dispenser is an innovative medication dispenser that automatically coordinates the delivery of your daily pills. It takes the stress out of medication compliance by organizing, scheduling, and dispensing your daily medications.

Smart Dispenser Side
light up notification


Light-up Notification

Once it’s time to take your daily dosage, the Smart Dispenser will light up and make a calming notification sound. Once you hear the alert notification, taking your medication is easy! Simply push the dispense button to receive a pouch with the exact dosage you require.

You will receive medication reminders if you plan to use the Smart Dispenser for medications such as eyedrops or inhalers.


Pre-packed Medications

Our pharmacists pre-package your medications in easy-to-open pouches and load them directly into the Smart Dispenser cartridge.

pre packed Medications
face recognition or a pin


Face recognition or a PIN

Finally, for enhanced security, you will have the option to use face recognition or a PIN. The device will also automatically send a medication alert through an SMS text message to family members or caregivers if a dose is missed, if requested.


Features and Benefits

  • Beneficial for those with complicated medication regimens.
  • Great for those with motor or mobility issues, early dementia, and/or are having challenges managing their medications.
  • Travel doses are available through the dispenser.
  • Unlimited frequency for medications; medication dispensing can be programmed to specific times throughout the day.
  • Can program device for reminders for medications in non-pill form, e.g. liquids, inhalers, creams, eyedrops, etc.
  • Pharmacists can monitor adherence through an online portal and follow up if required.
  • Companion app downloaded by caregiver/family member alerts for due, missed, or early doses. A caregiver can
    also view the user’s medication schedule through the app.
  • Notifications can be sent to the patient, family members, or a caregiver.



The Smart Dispenser organizes, schedules and dispenses your medications at the touch of a button. The Smart Dispenser will light up and chime when your medication is due. All you need to do is press the button to receive your medications.

Yes. You’ll need to plug in the device and will connect through a cellular network or Wi-Fi (optional).

There is a monthly subscription fee of $49 per month. This subscription covers set up and ongoing delivery of the meds from our partner pharmacy. The cost of medications is not included in the subscription.

You will need a prescription for the medications. For the Smart Dispenser, you just need to indicate that you would like this service and we can arrange the rest.

No. There is no limit to the frequency of medications. The Dispenser reads the QR code on the pouch and will light up and chime when your medication is due. You can even set reminders for medications in non-pill form such as inhalers, creams or eyedrops.

Each pouch can hold up to 6 medications.

Yes. The Smart Dispenser cartridge refills can be delivered weekly.

The Smart Dispenser has the option of dispensing travel doses. Simply select the travel button and dispense the number of doses you’ll need while you’re away.

The cartridge carries a maximum of 60 pouches in the dispenser.

Our partner Pharmacy will have a protocol in place and will work with you and your doctor to determine whether to replace your cartridge.

The Smart Dispenser conveniently opens the pouch when it dispenses it.

The Smart Dispenser has an accompanying Companion App that alerts to delivered, missed, early, late, or manually removed doses. Your family can have peace of mind that you are taking your medications on time or can follow up with you as needed.

The Smart Dispenser has two the features that secure the cartridge so no one else can access the medications by mistake. The Dispenser has the feature of having a 4-digit pin or facial recognition to ensure it only delivers medication to the appropriate person. You can also screw mount the device to a table or counter to prevent removal.

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